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"The Value of a Specification"

Good product development is impossible without an excellent specification. The Wright Brothers first contract with the US government was successful because their efforts were driven by the Signal Corps specification No. 486 of 1907.

For an interesting read of this most clear and elegant specification for a "Heavier-than-air-flyingmachine" click on this link:



TechPoint Ventures is a business incubator and development company that focuses on information technologies and Internet-based software and services. TechPoint Ventures specializes in applying web-based technologies and management practices to a wide range of markets including Financial Services, Real Estate, Consumer, Education, Marketing and Advertising, Marine and Bioinformatics.

From product specification to managing a market entry strategy, the range of services provided by TechPoint include:

Development Services:
  • Product architecture design
  • Data structures
  • Specification development
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Coding oversight and management
  • Documentation audits
  • Project management
  • Testing
Management Services:
  • Product reviews
  • Company strategy development
  • Market strategy development
  • Product strategy development
  • Internal processes audits
  • Market research
  • Competitive evaluations
  • Sales force management
  • Forecasts and budgets
  • Recruiting
We have applied our development and management services in a number of engagements including:
  • An online customer service portal linking marketing data with manufacturing databases to streamline parts ordering for customers of a leading boat manufacturer

  • Development of a market entry strategy for an email marketing management software used by multi-level marketing organizations

  • Development of a content management software to classify and provide online access to vast amounts of information generated by biotechnology companies in gene sequencing

  • A usability and user interface review for a new corporate instant messaging system

  • A market entry evaluation for a European software used for process optimization in the semiconductor and advance composites industries

  • An international market entry program for a new line of hardware and software used in very large data storage applications

  • A community chat, instant messaging and online portal system for the multi-unit condominium and apartment rental market

  • Working with a provider of management systems for the marine industry through a corporate transition and major product introduction
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